The Birdsite and its Data

As everyone ran to export and delete their Twitter data in waves when Apartheid Clyde came to town, I sat back and watched with a chuckle from my cozy perch on my Mastodon instance. You see, I’d already done all that months ago, as the site had continued to fester into a sad pile of misery, even without a lot of the banned bad actors. And there were rumors that ol’ Space Karen wanted to throw money he didn’t have at buying the site, simply to prove how small… erm… fragile his ego is. I was high and dry with a place to watch the show begin. And as we’ve seen, it’s been a dumpster fire driving a car wreck into a freight train about to scream off an unfinished bridge. And lo, we all laughed, for the failure was hilarious.

Until we learned Twitter’s data was for sale on the dark web. Oh, we laughed about it, those of us who never DMed private info, those of us who knew we’d deleted everything. Until the data came back to haunt us in the weirdest ways.

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2022 in music

Wherein our protagonist chooses their top picks in the past year of music listening and epic album buying. Sadly, in the last few years my only blog posts have been these, the yearly lists. Even now, I’m only writing this on 31 Dec 2022, knowing full well I likely won’t publish this before midnight. But…

Can they see it?

Creating accessible color contrast A while back, I wrote about how color blindness can affect the implied meaning in our usage of color. The use of stoplight colors for status is less meaningful if your eyes aren’t helping you distinguish between red and green. We got around this problem through the use of meaningful shapes…