My Sleeping Issues

So, is it working that keeps me up late, or is it being up late that keeps me working?
Yes, it is quarter to 4am, and I’ve finished up my mods to TalkTalk. Works pretty well over here, and hopefully it’s working on other browsers (it should… I’m using my pre-tested CSS and xhtml, and both are valid xHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS2 (with one small CSS3 bit that only works on Safari… tough luck other guys)).
So, yeah, my sleeping has been very messed up for the past year or so. I tell myself that my internal clock got tired of working in the Mountain Time zone and is now reverting back to Melbourne Standard Time. I keep telling myself I’ll get to bed a little earlier tonight, and yet I get to bed later.
Waking up at noon sounds nice, I bet, but when it’s already above 90°F outside, and your windows are wide open… well, you can imagine.

Did I mention I like showers? 😉