Why I use a Mac: Reason #1

So I bought a new hard drive the other day (a 250GB Maxtor drive for 130 bucks! Thank you CompUSA), and I decided to put it in my Firewire 800 external case, which had previously housed my 120GB external drive (I’d throw it in my G5, but that requires SATA drives…). With both drives in new homes, and after the formatting process for my new one (which literally took less than a minute…), I took to the task of moving some files over. In one of my many folders labeled “Pictures” or “Pics” or “Images,” of which I have about 400, I ran across this photo I took before my returned to the hallowed halls of Jobs:

Oh how I love windows
Need a larger version?

I guess that is Microsoft’s attempt at user friendly error messages. I hadn’t noticed anything until one day, I looked down at one of many little “bubbles” and it said that and locked up… very odd. At least it looks friendly and inviting… until I ended up having to reinstall windows…