Talk in Print

I’ve spent the past hour or two (yes, it is almost 4am… I have some sort of sleep disorder) tinkering with print-specific Cascading Style Sheets for talktalk. What is that, you’re asking. Well, if you take a look at the source of this site (well, the talktalk section at least), you’ll notice that there is an alternate style-sheet called “print.css” and that it is for “print” media. The cool thing about this is that when you go to print any of the articles in talktalk, your browser re-renders the page using this special style-sheet. Why bother? Well, somethings look gnarly on the web, but aren’t the easiest on the eyes. That light grey text looks awesome on the black background, but when you print it… uh… crappy. Also, my site, like many others, has a plethora of navigational and sidebar links. And why on earth would you print those?

I’ll post a full write-up on this subject in the coming days (I really need to take my sedative and try and sleep), but until then, here is a PDF example of what this site looks like when you hit the print button. (Isn’t “Save to PDF” one of the coolest features of the Print Dialogue in Mac OSX? 🙂 )