I took the opportunity to go camping at Mirror Lake with my brother & his girlfriend this past Friday. Mirror Lake is a beautiful place, but it helped me realize something about camping. I’m an Eagle Scout and I really love nature… but I don’t function properly without a decent sleep, a shower and a proper toilet. Luckily, this trip was pretty well stocked: my brother owns one of those Pop-up Tent Trailers, so I had a reasonable bed (a converted table/bed… actually better than some beds I had in Australia). There were even public toilets, but as anyone who has used public toilets at parks can tell you, it isn’t the best experience. Sort of a glorified Port-o-lou.

Something about camping just doesn’t sit well with me. As I said, I love nature, being in the mountains, etc, and I’ve camped hundreds of times. However, I guess I’m a city slicker at heart. I love a good bed. I don’t function very well in the morning without a shower (it’s not a thing of stinking or being dirty… my mind just doesn’t function well without being sprayed with water and lathered with soap… well, I don’t wash my mind, but you get the idea). And, I much prefer some privacy and some Charmin to a group of trees and some leaves.

And incidentally, Charmin has a horridly inaccessible website. The above address took me about 10 minutes to get, and only after I opened the “landing page” (their terminology via their javascript files) in Internet Explorer (nothing else seemed to work… ugh… do I need to teach them about the DOM?).