Okay, today is the awesome. Not just awesome… the awesome. Why, you may ask? Well, a multitude of reasons, really, but for now, let’s stick to one of them. In today’s visit from the faithful postal delivery technician (the one I was cursing a few days ago for nearly breaking my mailbox), I discovered a nice little parcel from Crying Girl Records. Sweet sassy molasses! It was “Crossies Count” from Quant, an album I had purchased online the other day.

It’s a rather odd story of how I first heard Quant. Over a year ago, I had a class with two guys named Adam and Doug. We had to pitch an anti-smoking campaign for our class. Great fun was had by all. So yeah, I got to know them. Well, this past semester, Adam and Doug were involved in making a music video for their friends in Quant, which won the top prize at the 2004 University of Utah Digital Media Festival (which I was featured in, although I didn’t manage to win anything this year). Well, I enjoyed the video, and the song (The Graham Cracker Song). Later that same day, on one of the websites I frequent, I noticed that the same song was one of the featured MP3s. I downloaded it and enjoyed. When the album came out, I knew I needed to pick it up, but being rather lazy, I didn’t want to have to drive all the way to Orion’s To pick it up. Luckily, Crossies Count is available for purchase online. As an added bonus, all the money from the online purchase actually goes to the band, unlike when you buy via a record shop. So, I purchased, and I am currently enjoying. And now, thanks to my 10 bucks, Blake (of Quant) can afford to get himself a haircut. It’s a win-win situation.

Quant are rather unique. I highly suggest checking them out. One of their songs, More (direct link), is made available by my good friends at The Rock Salt.

In other good news, Black Black Ocean and Tolchock Trio are playing a show together at the Urban Lounge on the 16th. As much as I despise the Urban Lung, or perhaps more appropriately, it’s overwhelming smoke cloud, I think this is a must attend show.

There is other good news, but I’ll keep that a secret. Mwahahahaha!