I talk to my business partner probably every other day. Invariably, there is something new I need to start work on (seeing as I’m the entire art dept., it’s my responsibility to create all mockups before we actually land the deal). And, invariably, there is talk of a bunch of new clients that look to be chomping at the bit to work with us. Exciting? To a certain extent, yes. Annoying as hell? Very much so.

But why would all this work be annoying, you ask? Well, because it is the promise of work, and not the actual thing. There is something unnerving about waiting on a contract, especially when you aren’t the one negotiating the deal. I guess it’s like the day before christmas, a visit to grandma’s house, and a test, all rolled into one sadistic wad. Add in three shakes of anxiety disorder, and you get a tasty meal that serves 6. Or Global Thermonuclear War ™

Being that my company is rather young, this anxiety is compounded with the fact that every contract is a big deal. Cash flow is important, especially when it comes time to pay your car loan. Also, paying for “dates” is becoming a reality in my life again, and as I’ve said many a time, Women are expensive.™ (Yes, I enjoy ™. I believe it makes the world go ’round, serves as a handy engine lubricant, and when mixed with rich, creamery butter, can make a tasty snack.)

To see something of what I’m talking about, visit Sugarhouse Design (which, strangely enough, wasn’t designed by me). If you are planning having a site, or well, you get the idea. Use us, because we know your grandparents, and they want you to.