Garden State and 1200 comments

So last Friday I finally jumped on the bandwagon and saw Garden State with Ashley (it was her third time seeing it). I must say, it lived up to the hype for me. Except for the whole “they get together” part… because we all know that never happens, right?

Yes, I am a bit of a pessimist.

Regardless, it was probably one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long while. One I’ll definitely pick up when it comes packaged as a piece of plastic and priced in the upper teens at Best Buy. Having dealt with depression (but luckily not meds), I found something to relate to in the film. That and it’s pretty damn funny.

Today, I found myself watching the behind the scene’s clips at the movie site (as per Ash’s recommendation), then I traveled over to Zach Braff’s blog, encased in the same site. I’ve seen a few movie promotional web logs before, but this really is his blog. Sure, Braff talks about the movie a fair bit, but that’s to be expected… it is his baby, after all. What really surprises me is that the entries are so funny and personable… not just “I was told to say hi by the PR folks.” Kind of reminds me of Patton Oswalt’s web log… perhaps not exactly the same, but both are funny and real.

Braff seems like a cool guy, but then you realize it’s the case of “cool famous person that you’ll most likely never meet, but if you did, you’d totally offer to buy them a drink, but they’d snub you, saying they’re late for a press junket.” But maybe not… if so, the offer is there, Zach. Next Sundance, I’m totally buying the man some liquor.

One other interesting observation… for each of Braff’s posts in his log, he gets around 1200 comments from adoring fans. What’s really astounding, though, is that he actually reads them all and tries to answer the questions. That takes some serious dedication. I’m lucky if I get a single comment here… but then again, I haven’t just released a hit movie with a cult following (or at least one with the potential to be as such). But hey… give me time.

Maybe the pending redesign of the site will squeeze a few comments out of you silent masses. And I know you’re there, sitting in the bushes… I have logs.

Hello people from Zach Braff’s blog!


  1. Here’s a comment for you.
    Bleep Blah.

    Garden State was cool. The Brobeck family watched it when we were in california.

  2. Oh look. I can post stuff on your blog now. YESSSSSS.

    that is all.

    Cause we all know that I like Garden State.

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