Personalized Postage Revisited

So, I ran across something new in regards to the whole personalized postage debacle I mentioned a month or so ago., the purveyors of personal postage, or stamps you can order with whichever picture you please, announced new limitations upon what pictures are now deemed acceptable. Due to some folks messing about with edgy stamps, with the implied purpose of “seeing how far you can take it,” has scaled back the program. It will still allow people to create their own postage; however:

[T]he firm says it will focus on its two best-selling categories, babies/children and pets/animals. has banned any submissions bearing the likeness of adults or teenagers, but said it will continue to accept images including landscapes, nature, wildlife, business logos and charity logos.

There used to be a time when being on a stamp meant you (or your idea) did something remarkable. Presidents and great pugilists. Famous cartoon characters and non-fat Elvis. Or perhaps something aesthetically pleasing, like flowers or insects, maybe a bird or two. Even holidays get their own postage. Now you can receive a piece of mail emblazoned with a picture of your great aunt Petunia’s yappy little Jack Russell. Somehow, I still find that unsettling.


  1. Only if you send me long letters… maybe 2000 words long. Or you could just drive over… that works too.

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