Cleaning the carpets and wireless networking

I’m posting this from my laptop as I sit in my lounge watching VH1 (yeah, I know… but daytime TV is, as I am discovering, awful and at least they are playing some music). I’m kind of “locked out” of my office (and away from my wonderful PowerMac G5) for the next day or two, and I’ll be enjoying the benefits of my wireless network. Why? We’re having our carpets cleaned in the basement (aka, the location of the office), thus making it inaccessible until it is properly dried (and I get everything set up again).

This is a good opportunity to get reacquainted with my old powerbook and my wireless network. The poor ol’ boy (my powerbook) is quite a trooper. Over the past two years of ownership, it has endured many hardships, including, but not limited to:

  • Being dropped, resulting in a replacement LCD and case
  • Being man-handled by the… uh… fine technicians at CompUSA… for a month. Apparently, they forgot they were supposed to fix it.
  • Running Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, ImageReady, and Cinema4D all simulatneously. Keep in mind this is only a 667MHz with 512MB of RAM. Thank goodness I don’t have to do that anymore (that’s a cakewalk for the G5). I think the fans were about to saw their way through the titanium…

I will say that sitting in my lounge chair, watching Jamie Cullem bang out a song on the piano, whilst doing my work, has some perks. And easy access to the fridge is simply awesome. Maybe I’ll have to do this more often… either that or by the end of the cleaning period, I’ll be so sick of the arrangement that I’ll never want to use my laptop again.

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