The coolest cat everLadies and gents, I present Siska the cat. I spent an hour or so taking photos of our cat. Why? Because I’m a giant wuss and I like the cat. So deal with it, Paco.

In regard to young Siska, I have an interesting story to share with you fine folks. Siska is a Russian Blue, which, for those who know, are some of the smartest, funniest, most personable cats in the world. How smart is she? Well, we keep her treats in a metal tin on the countertop. Being a cat, she lacks the opposable digits to grasp the lid of a biscuit tin and thus open it. So, we figured, the treats are safe and secure in the tin—not to mention the plastic bag they are contained in. But, like I said, this cat is smart.

Siska somehow managed to get the lid off (by means of rubbing her head against the lid until it popped clean off), and gain access to the bag of treats. Now, this bag is closed via a Zip-lock


  1. Ah…this makes me want to WHALE…sniff sniff.

    Youf cat is awesome. I want her autograph, is she smart enough for that I wonder???

    SWEET photo of her. I kind of want it….(hint hint)

  2. ah, what a gorgeous photo of your kitty. 🙂 do you only have one? it’s hard to have just one cat… (i have 2!)
    again, beautiful site design, too! i just finish some touch-ups on mine, but i think blogger can be somewhat limited…who has time to uproot the archives and haul them over to wordpress or moveable type anyway (i’ve been at this for a while, so the archives are substantial!). anyhow, i do look forward to future posts here @ the rendered word!

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