Relative File Sizes and Dijon Mustard

Some odd thoughts from today (or yesterday, since it is past midnight):

  • How can have I managed to make a PDF that was originally 28MB in size, and using only the “Save as PDF…” function in the Mac OS X print dialogue, make it 730KB, and yet I’ll tweak and crop a JPG to death, and only lose about 30KB? Shouldn’t that be illegal?
  • Why does Dijon Mustard make everything taste better?
  • How can yellow “american” mustard be so repugnant, and dijon so wonderful?
  • Is any kitchen, barbecue, or apartment complete without dijon?
  • If I were to put some dijon on a stubborn JPG file…

Okay, perhaps I got a little carried away with the dijon thing… but a lil’ bit-o-dijon on my hamburger at the BBQ I attended this evening made all the difference. Mmmmmm.


  1. I like Mustard.

    The yellow kind. No Dijion. My kitchen is complete without it.

    However, Dijion is good, but yellow I prefer.

  2. indeed: dijon mustard should be everyones “turn that frown up-side-down” miracle condiment. yeah!

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