Closet iPod Users

According to a recent Wired article, I am a closet iPod user. Never mind the fact that while I’m on my second iPod (and longing for a new, higher capacity one), that I date back to the big 5GB original iPod (you know… the ones with moving parts and no touch controls anywhere… let alone cool peripherals). Let’ also forget that I tell everyone that they should get an iPod (mini or regular sized), and often long to have the kind of cash flow where I could give them to my friends and relatives. Forget all that. I am a closet iPod user. WHY?

I have black headphones

Yep. That’s it. According to the article, even though I may claim to use them for the superior sound (or in my case, the fact that the standard iPod earbuds don’t fit in my ears properly, causing some discomfort), the REAL reason I use alternative headphones is that I don’t want to be part of the growing masses of iPod users.

Give me a break!

I just love it when people tell me who I am or how I feel. You use Sony earbuds? Why… you must be ashamed of your Apple iPod! IT’S THE ONLY LOGICAL EXPLANATION! Never mind the fact that normal earbuds don’t stay in your ears and cause a lot of pain if they do… you don’t like your iPod!

Oh! Of course! Why else would it be in a glow-in-the-dark bright orange protective case? Why… I must cover it up so no one sees it! Silly me… and I assumed I was just trying to protect the $400 piece of electronics from damage. What a fool I am!

Insipid assumptions such as these, even if made for journalistic fodder on a slow news day, carry a surprising amount of weight. People, for some unknown reason, tend to trust what they see and hear spewing from their favourite media outlet, regardless of how inane or groundless it may be. What’s worse is that many people take what little they gather and comprehend (or at least can recall at a moment’s notice) and begin to shape and mold it in to “what they say.”

“They say that people with iPods are more likely to have the dreaded Cholera!”

“They say voting for a democrat is a guarantee that criminals will run amok in the streets, gay people will burn down the library, and they’ll RAISE TAXES!!!”

“They say loving thy neighbor is the surest way to get your car stereo stolen and your daughters raped by drug addicts!”

“They say someone will come will come along for you…” But I digress…