Dancing Echoes / Dead SoundsHoly crap. I cannot stop listening to this album… literally. I take a break every fifth or sixth time through and listen to some Elliott Smith or Hotel Lights, but aside from that, this pretty much sums up what I’m listening to right now. I got a copy of the album via my position at about a week or so ago… and damn it all, if I can’t stop listening!

I’m not quite certain how to describe the band. My first thoughts come to the vocals, which remind me of a cross between Tears For Fears and Feeder (which is a very good thing). Come to think of it, the music is (sort of) a cross between the two, with perhaps a healthy dose of nine inch nails mixed in on some of the darker songs. This is an amazing album folks —expect a full review at in the coming weeks (plus a few other write-ups I’m planning, including the new Iberis album).

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