Making custom RSS feeds in WP

I wish I could say that making custom RSS feeds that are generated by WordPress was easy… Unfortunately, it isn’t. After much work and scouring the WP Wiki, I’ve managed to create an RSS feed from my new “peep this” current links section (which will probably work better once the redesign is unveiled) on the right sidebar. Using the existing rss2 format php document from WP, and with a little help from the get_links function, I’ve managed to kick out a (supposedly) valid RSS 2.0 feed with the links (at least in some operable form). Only problem is that for some reason, every aggregator/reader I’ve tried the feed in refuses to update the content when I’ve updated the links. I’m losing my mind here… BLARG!

Part of me wants to think it’s the <pubDate> tag in the XML, but I’ve done the feed without it, and it doesn’t change anything. So like I said, BLARG!

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