Ben Folds got rasterbated...No, that isn’t a typo… I mean RASTERBATION. And no, this isn’t a dirty topic. I’ve known about the Rasterbator service for a while now, but only recently did I start telling people about it.

Basically, the Rasterbator is a web service that allows you to upload a relatively small (under 1MB, I believe) image, which it will then rasterise, creating a PDF file full of pages which you then print and hang. Pretty simple idea, but really amazing results. I’ve done two pieces so far: a stock photo of a building and the sky (not pictured… but it opens up my basement office a bit) and a snappy photo of Mr. Ben Folds (pictured).

Pretty damn snappy. The only hard part is hanging the new art—I’ve discovered it is nearly impossible to get it straight when simply using little rolls of tape to adhere the pieces. Oh well. C’est la vie.

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  1. with the help of mr. computer, i have something totally awesome hanging on my wall!

    i need to rasterbate more.

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