Elliott Smith and The Idiocy of My Host

101204_Elliott_Smith Consider this a repost of the general idea of my post from yesterday (which no longer exists). Strange that the one thing lost in an emergency redo of the server by my host was a post mentioning how I planned on moving on to a new host (and how they were necessitating that move). Apparently, there was some security compromise, and everything had to be reformated and redone. So they dumped a day or two old copy of my database on… and bam goodbye yesterday’s entry, and a day worth of site stats. Fun.

Well, today, Elliott Smith’s amazing posthumous album, From a basement on the hill, emerged. I’m not using amazing in the form a friend of mine from college used to always use (every album he enjoyed was “amazing”). The album is amazing, and for a multitude of reasons. Aside from the power of his songwriting, the album is amazing in the fact that it even exists. These were the tracks that Elliott had been working on before he took his life last year. I’m in awe of his family for continuing the work and actually deciding to release the album. It may or may not be exactly as Elliott had wanted it to be when released, but I’m appreciative that I can enjoy it.

Having said that, I’d suggest buying the album. And if you’d like to help me out fiscally (like, perhaps lessen the burden of hosting this site), by all means, purchase the album via my links to it on the iTunes Music Store or buy the physical cd via my link to Amazon. You don’t even have to do anything special… but I see a tiny cut of the money (and I mean tiny). But every little bit helps.


  1. i think i could help out a friend. just link something that i might want to buy, and consider it………DONE!

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