Damn it all

iPod PhotoWhy, Apple, must you tempt me with cool new things that I cannot afford? In a time when I’m trying to save all my pennies for a replacement monitor (oh, and to pay off my credit card bill, which is more than the monitor currently… and, yeah… tuition will be coming up again soon), you come out with a slick, cool, and unspeakably pricey item that I instantly pine for. Damn it all, Apple!

In other news, I was up until 2am last night working on the new site. The design mockups are done and ready to rock, and I am currently restructuring the CSS for the new design, and to slim it down… I’ve learned quite a bit about CSS in the past few months of having this site, and I’m ready to rock. Okay, maybe not exactly ready… Internet Explorer is being a bitch and throwing off one bit of the design, but I’ll sort that out soon. If you use Internet Explorer… well, I pity you. Please… Browse Happy by ditching IE.

In spooky news… well, I have no idea what I’m doing for Halloween. It’s either:

  1. Drive 1-2 hours to Logan (where I now realise I’ve never been) to see my buddies The Brobecks play and hang out a bit. Might also see some friends that live up there
  2. Go to Kilby, watch some loud bands (Form of Rocket, InCamera, Smashy Smashy, Gaza & Pilot This Plane Down) and be surrounded by teenagers
  3. Go to my brother’s house and watch halloween movies with him and his girlfriend

And yes, I know halloween is the next day (Sunday), but seriously… who does halloween on a sunday?

Update: I am completely convinced Apple are trying to tell me something… look at this graphic from their site for the iPod Photo:

They even know my name!!!


  1. you prefer “browse happy” to “safari” or “mozzilla/firefox”? humm, i will have to check it out.
    and, yes, isn’t the new ipod beau-ti-ful???? *sigh*

  2. ah, well… browse happy is a campaign to get people to use anything but Internet Explorer. I use a combination of Safari and FireFox (if FF had inline spell checking like Safari, I’d be sold)

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