Happy Hallowhat?

Boo-humbug!Halloween has never been a favourite of mine. I guess it comes from the fact that I stopped trick-or-treating at a fairly young age (about 10 or 11). I was a rather sullen, “grown up” child (aside from the obvious insanity)… I hung out with older kids, I always felt like a moron doing the things regular kids my age were doing, etc. So this Halloween nonsense was never a real draw to me, especially as I’ve been manning the door for close to 13 or 14 years now (yes, even the years in australia… apparently, due to American TV down there, the kids are demanding to celebrate Halloween… I was shocked when some kids came knocking, and I only had some lollies).

Luckily, the past few years have found me doing “something else” on the celebrated night (yes, I realise Halloween is actually today, the 31st, but really, no one celebrates it on a Sunday). This year, I ended up going to Logan to help out my friends, The Brobecks. It was a lot of driving in ill weather for a set that was over before most of the drunken college students arrived. Shame.

“Okay… see if you can guess who I am now: ‘Uhhhh… yeah, so you guys have opened for Hoobastank [and other big name bands]… how about opening for some cover bands for us?'”
–Dallon, after the show

Oh well, at least it got me away from running to the door it give teenagers free candy after a lacklustre “Trick or Treat” chant.

Costume-wise… well, I trimmed the beard into a (somewhat pornstar-esque) mustache, threw on my sharp Kwik-E-Mart shirt, and went as Apu. Well, sort of… as close as a pallid-looking man of British descent can come to looking like an animated depiction of a Hindi stereotype, without resorting to face paint or prosthesis. It was a costume so beloved that a student at the (college) show tonight said “That shirt is fucking awesome” and another felt the uncontrollable urge to try and slam dance with me during the set. That is a sure sign of costume success, or so I gather.

Mostly, I’m glad that this blip on the radar has passed, and I’ve resisted the temptation of eating bags upon bags of overtly sweet, “Fun-sized” chocolate bars. Onward to Thanksgiving, a holiday I can get behind. More stuffing, anyone?