Sick of Politics

Let me say that, regardless of how this election turned out, I am just glad the damn thing is over. No more political leaflets choking my mailbox, no more “friends of the other guy” muckraking political ads, no more gigantic cardboard signs telling me to vote for Corroon.

Most everyone I voted for lost (at least my congressman didn’t…), and the thought of another four years under Dubya scares the living hell out of me, but at least now I can take it on my own terms. I can flip through the news channels and only a percentage of the time hear about politico this and politico that, interspersed amongst fascinating stories about death, destruction and talk of how “the gays and/or the terrorists will kill us all!”

You can see why I skip the news channels…

Last night, I watched everyone and their dog scroll endless streams of made up numbers, telling us who was winning, even before any precincts closed. The height of the insanity had to be our dear friends at Fox News, where, for reasons unfathomable to me, they were reporting the Electoral count as Bush: 220, Kerry: 140 (or roughly thereabouts). Every other station I went to stated 190ish to 180ish. Fair and balanced my ass.

Speaking of asses, I think I’ve discovered the source of most networks’ election night coverage. Is it just me, or is the idea of projecting the winner (or at least “leader”) of the election before the polls have closed just the slightest bit insane?

“Hi, this is Stone McBrokawstein, reporting from our world news headquarters. The magic leprechaun in my pants has told me that George Bush has a four million point lead in the polls for the election in 2008, despite being ineligible to run…”

At least now I can go back to just shaking my head at some of the people in this country, instead of hoping they’ll vote intellegently. Welcome the return of the pessimist.

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  1. it’s okay greg. i didn’t get a sticker either.

    i’m still upset, and it’s been like a week ago…

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