Let me run this by you…

Today, I helped a friend get some nasty HTML and CSS whipped into line. He mentioned paying me to give him some “CSS lessons.” This got my mind working.

I have had thoughts about doing some tutorials for the past year or so. I have a tendency to be the one people ask when they are trying to figure something technical out. Thus (and I’ve probably talked slightly about this), I’ve thought about making tutorials, but the question is how? I’d say I’m a decent writer, and I’ve been told I can explain complex things in an easy, straight-forward manner, so I might just write some. BUT… I also have some fancy software that allows me to record my screen, and I have some good video compression software (rhymes with Zorenson Zqueeze). Sooo… I might make some video tutorials.

With fancy video tricks come the added fiscal burden. I am most definitely not on a great financial footing, and videos, well, use a lot of bandwidth, which costs money. So, I’m in the pickle of do I:

  1. Write great tutorials, and give them away for free (and I mean, really indepth, “Learn the basics of CSS” kind of deal). Stay poor.
  2. Write great tutorials, but go to the trouble of trying to sell them, and have no one buy…
  3. Do slick videos, and try to pay for the bandwidth it would take to host them.
  4. Slick videos, but charge for them?
  5. Or perhaps do some donations dealie… if you use it and like it, send a few bucks this way… and depend on the charity of others?

I know I want to make tutorials, but this could be tricky. Anyway, give me some feedback, peoples.


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