Black Friday and Gift Giving

No, this won’t be a biting satyrical look at the insanity of “Black Friday,” the infamous day after Thanksgiving sales spectacular! No, I simply don’t have the energy for it today. I generally abhor the thought of holiday shopping, especially when it involves parking, waiting in lines and/or being crowded into the back of a shop by inconsiderate shoppers, pushing and shoving everyone in sight to facilitate their obtaining a copy of Friends: Season 87 on DVD for their dear second cousin in Sheboigan. I, however, thanks to the power of the interweb and having a paycheck, did a large portion of my shopping today. Therefor, any spiteful words about people who get in line and shop today will have to be saved for next year, to avoid the appearance of hypocrisy.

I do know, however, some people who don’t have a clue as to what to lovingly purchase at a discount and hide under my tree. No fear, dear ones! I am here to rescue you from that bitter wasteland that is holiday purchase confusion. I’m not expecting any of the following from anyone, but, well, it may give you some ideas (plus, you can use this for ideas in gift giving for other people. Bonus round!):

So now you have some ideas. Oh, I wear a Men’s Large in t-shirts, if that helps. 😉

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  1. i want that shirt. still.

    does that make me a nerd? 🙂

    garden state comes out soon. weee.e.e.e.e.

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