What is all the fuss about…

Well, I finally saw Napoleon Dynamite, and to be honest, I’m not exactly certain why everyone thinks it’s so great. Sure, it is stupid and fun, with some memorable lines, but after 90 minutes of watching, I feel rather detached and confused.

Now, don’t say “Oh, you just don’t understand it…” or comments equivalent. I’m from Utah, and I’ve spent my fair share of time in Idaho, and yes, it stays very true to growing up here, but whoopidy doo! Sure, it was more enjoyable than several movies I’ve seen recently, but how this can be the movie everyone is raving about… I don’t know.

It brings to mind what a friend of mine said after he saw the film for a second time. He’s from Pocatello, Idaho, originally (I believe), so the movie should be right up his alley. When he initially saw Nap. Dyn., as a sneak preview, he said he and his buddy were the only people in the theatre laughing. He saw the movie yet again after the nation-wide release, and after people in Utah “got wind of it,” and he said that people were laughing at everything and nothing… “because people had told them it was so funny and they were trying too hard.” Sad.

Oh well, one more week until Garden State comes out on DVD. I’m all over that one.