The Level Of My Dedication

Gather ’round kids and listen to the tale of a crazy journey in search of a valuable possession. As you most likely know, Garden State was released on DVD today, and I, being a complete freak for the movie, decided I had to buy it today. In fact, Ash and I had planned to have a “Garden State Day Extravaganza” later today, but it was her friend’s last day in Salt Lake, so the extravaganza had to be postponed (I’m also driving to SoCal tomorrow and I need to pack). Anyway, I’m digressing… I had to buy the DVD today. So, the first chance I got, I hopped in my trusty Mazda and drove directly to Best Buy, gift card in hand. Well, not really in hand… that would make driving kind of difficult. I arrived at Best Buy (which is pretty close to my home, thus I am a reluctant addict), and ran (yes, I really ran) inside, nearly running into the automatic doors—they need to adjust the sensitivity of those things—in the process. A few seconds later, I stood in the Drama DVD section, scanning through the “G”s and not seeing anything. The Best Buy employee hovering behind me (there is always some blue-shirted person hovering around me whenever I shop there… it’s kind of creepy) asked “Anything I can help you with?” I inquired about Garden State.
Garden State

“Sold out. Yeah, it was in our flier.” Because, as we all know, if something is in a store’s mailer, it always sells out before 4pm.

Hopes of a speedy and gift-card-funded purchase dashed, I raced out of the store and my mind raced to figure out my next move. Best Buy is next door to Barnes & Noble, and I figured, hey, why not try there? They sell music and DVDs as well as books, so they must have a copy. They did, but the DVD was hindered with the “bookstore media curse”—it was for sale for $30. Not ready to spend 30 dollars on any DVD, I went back to my car. I’m sure the employees thought I was crazy running in and out like that. They may be right.

Back in my car, I scanned through all the places I could think of that sell DVDs. Blockbuster and Albertson’s were nearby, but I wasn’t interested in another $30 copy. I hate spending over $20 on movies, especially when you’re certain it will be cheaper somewhere else. There are several places in Fort Union that sell “media,” so I decided to point my car south and brave the tangled mess that is the Ft. Union road system. If you’ve been there, you know what I mean.

Tyler had always talked about getting good deals on CDs at Circuit City, so I figured I’d check there first, and hit Media Play after if it wasn’t Bob Barker.

$24. Crap.

I exited the parking lot, intent on heading to Media Play. Then I realised Target (Tarjhay, of course) shared the parking lot with Circuit City, and Tarjhay is well known for being cheap. I flipped around and drove back into the parking lot, positively confusing the surrounding cars. Parking lot.

In Target, I discovered they were selling the DVD for $19.99. Acceptable, especially since the DVD just “dropped.” I feel like a rap star saying that. I also ran across a copy of the extended edition of “The Moon & Antarctica” by Modest Mouse for only ten bucks. Bonus round.

Being the complete genius that I am, I drove right past the nearby Carl’s Jr, travelling all the way back to the shopping centre from earlier in our tale (the Best Buy one)… to get some food at Carl’s Jr. Brilliant.

I spent an hour driving around just to buy a DVD. That’s either a sign of true commitment… or one that I need to be committed.


  1. i didn’t have time to get me a copy 🙁 i’m not a big Garden State fan anyway. Oh wait, yeah I am. But, it’s not like i’ve seen it 5 times already. sheesh.

    good work on the dvd adventure.

  2. my adventure wasn’t as exciting.

    i walked around best buy hoping i would find it myself, and had to ask someone. then, i picked it up, and said, “yessss”

    and walked up to the counter and purchased it.

    then did a dance in the parking lot. okay. i didn’t do that, but i wanted to. so, i danced in my head instead.

    came home, and watched all the special features.

    i rule!

  3. Dude, commitment.. Integrity.. Hell ya? I’ve
    Done that before, but then my parents
    Used a different term for that.. They called
    Me anal, picky and self-centered.. Impatient
    Was one of them, lol. Either way, I still need
    To find the store to get that dvd. It might
    just be first movie to watch here in new orleans.

    You make websites greg? You said you needed
    Some work? Do you want to make a deal,
    Or do you already have a term you go with
    That works with you all the time? Please
    Let me know!

    Btw, hopefully this comment thing works,
    I don’t know how to leave one, or do it
    Right just yet… But nice website (viewed
    From my sidekick phone — websites tend to
    Look demented) custom heh?

    Write a review for the movie, I want to know
    Your rating on it..

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