Hi, kids… Greg here, with a quick post on a borrowed laptop in California. I just got through deleting about 100 spam comments that came in the past few days. Crazy. I’ll be implementing some other bits of filtering when I get back… Ugh. Those rat bastards.

I thought California was supposed to be warm… đŸ˜‰ Okay, it’s much better than Utah…


  1. dude, yeah utah… I left there cause I get more benefits here living in New Orleans, I don’t know why I didn’t move here long time ago, but you know, gots to take the chance before its gone.

    So, you make websites heh? are you working under a term, or can we discuss about getting a project going?

    I’m still using the phone/internet service, “sidekick”. looks cool but its slower than a grandma driving lincoln in the highway.


    P.S. what am I supposed to type in the URI thingy?

  2. ah, so by now you’ve surely discovered that no one in california understands the proper principles of driving in bad weather (aka rain? yep. aren’t we so lucky?! enjoy your stay!
    sorry about the bad ham. i got my first piece of comment spam a couple days ago. does this mean i’m getting more popular? geesh, i hope not!

  3. I’m back from So Cal (as of about 10 minutes ago). Man, it is pouring down there today…

    Dim, the URI is the Uniform Resource Indicator, also sometimes called the URL… basically, you can just put your homepage link there is you want to.

    Sidekick, eh? Always wondered how things were looking on a mobile device. Good to know it works.

    A friend of mine (Rusty from Less People, More Robots) used to live in N.O. Hope you’re enjoying it.

    (and i’m relatively open, aside from school starting next week. drop me a line via my contact page and let me know what’s up.)

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