You’ve pre-approved who?

weirdnessJust a quick weird one today. A month or so back, Stan had an interesting entry on how his name (Jason Santa Maria) gets slaughtered by people, especially by credit card companies. I’ve had some weird ones in my day, but today I got the king of the hill…

B. B. Greg

That’s right… B. B. Greg. So off that I nearly discarded it as misguided mail. So wrong that I’m almost complemented. I mean, the first thought that came to my mind was B. B. King… and how can that be bad?

What kind of name screw ups do you fine folks get?

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  1. the next time i see you, i want your autograph.

    i don’t get much interesting names, just the usual letter mishaps.

    danse pansie! danzie dansea

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