I Want To Go To SXSW

Before today, I had reason enough to want to go to SxSW this year, if just for the music end of it (and the chance of winning some cool prizes via my role with NowOnTour). Now, having read the list of speakers at the Interactive portion of the conference, I want to go all the more.

This may not seem like much to you non-webdesigner people out there, but even seeing these folks listed made me froth at the mouth (insert Homer sound here):



  • John Allsopp (Westciv)
  • Douglas Bowman (stopdesign.com)
  • Andy Budd (andybudd.com)
  • Dan Cederholm (simplebits.com)
  • Tantek √
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    1. i can imagine those homestar runner guys saying this, “The design..what what the design” and doing some crazy sponge bob? i mean, Strong Bad thing. or something.

      blur. ha ha ha

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