Welcome to v2

It is here…

It has been six months in development (well, side development… I do have school and work to deal with), with an especially arduous past week of almost non-stop work. The style sheet made some major changes over the past few days, and I also took the liberty to upgrade to version 1.5 of my wonderful blog software. Let’s just say, my mind is pretty much gone right now. I’ve had to shut myself off from the world for a while to actually get this done. And now I have to make a major effort to make up for lost time in my Maya, After Effects and DVD Studio Pro projects. C’est la vie, n’ stuff.

This is a major redesign, much more so than I had initially intended. About the only thing that didn’t change in some way is that the site is still a two column layout. Maybe next time I’ll attack a three column, and make it work right. Yes. There are still a few things I’m trying to work out here and there, but largely it is done and operable. Hallelujah. So, have a look around, put your feet up, enjoy yourself… I’m going to go fall face first in my bed.

Well, seems there is some bug with the comment system. While I’m working it out, feel free to use the contact page to send me comments, if you wish. Thanks.

I’ve figured it out… a rogue plugin was misbehaving. All fixed now. Feel free to ignore the site as you normally do.


  1. *ignores the site as he (usually?) does*

    Apart from the ignoring(ness)… the site is looking great.

  2. not ignoring! you haven’t been posting much lately though… that’s not a guilt trip though: i know you’re in school. i like the new ‘do!

  3. Oh good. I was wondering why I tried to commment on Friday it just said, “slow down, and stop posting so many comments”…or something like that, I don’t remember.

    Anyways, what i was going to say two days ago, was simply this:

    I enjoy the new website. ALOT. It’s nice to see it all put together, rather than in the screen shots you have shown me.

    And, that photo of your eyes…isn’t it amazing?

  4. Hey- do you happen to know of any blogging options that allow for a password protected blog where you have to register to read the blog.
    Some friends of mine and I had a group blog basically for the purpose of making fun of one another, ranting about random crap, etc. A guy we know came across it and had his feelings hurt by it- which wasn’t our intention. (man, some people really get their feelings hurt just because some one mentions that their fiance could do way better.)

    We still kind of want to blog- but we don’t want to do it for the purpose of putting people down in a public forum. (mostly it is for puting people down in an only semi-public forum.)


  5. Yeah, actually, the blog software that powers this site, WordPress, can do password protected posts, and I believe you can set it up so only registered people can view and/or post. It’s pretty slick.

  6. OK-so I should have checked your answer ages ago-
    who is hosting your nice little website here? Are you running your own server? Using some univeristy webspace? Paying for the space?

    My hesitation on using wordpress is paying for some webspace from them or some one else.
    The current sollution is to use livejournal- mostly because none of us know what we are doing. Blogspot wasnice- it would have been cool had they allowed password protection. I suppose we could just set up my old desktop as a server and run the blog off of it and require people to authenticate. But that seems like more work than it is worth.

    I’ve lived in Oklahoma forever and still haven’t ever gone down for SxSW or ACL fest. It’s just never worked out. Maybe someday I’ll live in Austin and then I won’t have any excuses.

  7. Well, Mike, all you need to run WordPress is a server with PHP & MySQL. It’s actually really easy to set up initially.
    I use lypha.com as my current host, but I always seem to have bad luck with hosts. They’re pretty decent, but this summer I’m moving some of my sites to a MacOSX server in Seattle. (I wish I could say the same about myself…)

  8. Really…
    Well- I may have to do that. I could start using my laptop pretty exclusively and turn the crappy old desktop into a server-
    However it will probably wait until I get a new desktop. I don’t know if I am going to take a job in the area with Dell, or if I am going to try and get the crap out of Oklahoma.

    There are some upsides to the dell job, because of that many electronics purchases are being postponed untill I either take the job or decide for sure that I don’t want it.

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