Welcome to v2

It is here…

It has been six months in development (well, side development… I do have school and work to deal with), with an especially arduous past week of almost non-stop work. The style sheet made some major changes over the past few days, and I also took the liberty to upgrade to version 1.5 of my wonderful blog software. Let’s just say, my mind is pretty much gone right now. I’ve had to shut myself off from the world for a while to actually get this done. And now I have to make a major effort to make up for lost time in my Maya, After Effects and DVD Studio Pro projects. C’est la vie, n’ stuff.

This is a major redesign, much more so than I had initially intended. About the only thing that didn’t change in some way is that the site is still a two column layout. Maybe next time I’ll attack a three column, and make it work right. Yes. There are still a few things I’m trying to work out here and there, but largely it is done and operable. Hallelujah. So, have a look around, put your feet up, enjoy yourself… I’m going to go fall face first in my bed.

Well, seems there is some bug with the comment system. While I’m working it out, feel free to use the contact page to send me comments, if you wish. Thanks.

I’ve figured it out… a rogue plugin was misbehaving. All fixed now. Feel free to ignore the site as you normally do.