Crawling Out Of A Hole

Well, my last post should’ve given some sort of idea as to what has been occupying nearly every moment of my time… well, up until the day I launched the site. Since then (yes, I realise it’s only been a few days), I’m been absolutely swamped trying to catch up on school projects. I finished a portfolio DVD for my DVD authoring class, which turned out to be acceptable (I didn’t have time to resize my images in one section, so parts would end up cut off on a non-HD television). Since then, I’ve been trying to focus on my 3D animation, “Trojan Horse.”

Screenshot of 3D project

Allow me to preface with an explanation. I’m really pretty good with any software package you can throw at me… if you give me enough time to figure out the interface. Also, I have little, if no, experience with 3D. Sure, I’m trained in AutoCAD (granted, that was years ago) and drafting, but this stuff is downright frustrating. Factor in that most of the people in my class have previous 3D experience, and you get some serious pressure on my part. Not terribly fun.

I do think, though, that I’m getting somewhere. Will I be done with my model by the Wednesday deadline? It’s quite possible. Will I also have my landscape paintings done… Well, I best have them done… or you might just hear about a designer in Salt Lake City that spontaneously combusted.

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