iPod photo stock, um... photo.Okay, so I spell colour funny for an American. I don’t really care… that’s not the point of this entry. What is the point of this, you may find yourself asking the screen (which isn’t me, by the way, so don’t expect it to answer you)? Well, in regards to colour (there’s that damn U again…), I stopped by the university bookstore on Friday between classes and dropped 320 bucks.

Sooo… you mean the colo(u)r of money?

Not quite, Scooter. I decided to purchase my 3rd iPod… a brand new 30GB iPod photo, which, as you may well know, has a colour screen. And I am in love. I’ve really liked my previous two iPods, but this one has the “Wowee” factor to the nth degree.

I won’t gush too much… I’m sure you’re all very aware of the coolness of iPods. I’m just quite excited about this one. Not that I’m really going to be putting my photos on it that much… but the colour screen is really a nice step up, and all the little improvements over my old 3rd gen 15GB one are great and welcome.

Now if my iSkin would just get here…


  1. one day i will own one of these.

    in 5 years when they go for sale on ebay.


    i can’t wait for the day.

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