What A Great Shirt

Me and the sibs, circa 1986

See it on Flickr

Yes. That little guy is me, circa 1986. Check out that shirt. I wonder when that look will come back into vogue? Hopefully, never. 😉

So, why am I hitting the nostalgia so hard? Well, I am in the process of creating a DVD for my brother’s (the other bright shirt in the photo) wedding. So, out come the old photos. It’s pretty funny to look back at some of these and just laugh. Especially since most of the photos don’t include me. It’s much easier to laugh at old fashion/haircuts/etc. when it’s not you.

I’m also going to start a small freelance project soon, creating the subtitles for a movie on DVD. I won’t say which, because I’m not sure on the disclosure rules yet, but you’ve probably heard of it—especially if you live in Utah or the west coast. Strange tidbit: the subtitles will be in Spanish, a language I do not speak. Fun.


  1. and thus my mother discovered the joys of my blog… and reminded me that i need to log out the next time I use her computer…

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