My sister gave birth to an 8lb. 12oz. baby boy today (well, technically yesterday). More details as they become available (I’m two states away at the moment).

Other news, you may have noticed this section of the site is having some problems. It seems to only load at certain times of the day (at least over here). I’m trying to figure it out, and it may be a host issue. Not sure. Turns out it is an issue with my audioscrobbler plugin and the fact that the audioscrobbler site is down an awful lot. I’ve disabled it for now. I hope they get things smoothed out soon. Otherwise, it’s back to my attempts to fabricate my own solution utilising iTunes, AppleScripting, XML and a nifty PHP class. And it would’ve worked if iTunes only had a scripting call to export a certain playlist to XML. What an odd oversight…

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