Well, I really should be in bed right now (I am pretty damn tired), but I wanted to take a minute to thank my good friend Ashley for kicking ass and throwing me a lil’ birthday party tonight. As has been somewhat discussed, or at least alluded to, my family is in various parts of the country this week, and it’s made having a proper birthday rather difficult. Yes, I realise I had two birthday’s like this when I was in Australia (in fact, with much less celebration and even less cake), but it’s kind of weird to have it happen like this when I’m living in the town of my birth. I had a sort of mini birthday with my mother before she flew down to be with Jessica while she gave birth to Andrew. Then I got about an hour or two with my father between flights while he flew from California back to Idaho. My brothers then took me out to a quick dinner on Thursday (my actual birthday). All in all, nice and thoughtful, but it still didn’t feel like a real birthday, you know?

Well, Ash’s party made things straight. Sure, it was just a bunch of friends hanging out (quite similar to what we do most weekends, minus going to a show), plus some burgers, cake and ice cream… but it felt like a birthday. It was loads of fun, in our random, weird way. 🙂

Well, I’m too tired to go into any more depth. Have a look at my photos of the night’s events at Flickr. If you have a Flickr account (you can get one free), feel free to add some comments and notes on the photos.

I have some awesome friends.


  1. aw ashley is such a nice friendy person.

    she likes to throw the parties. oh yes she does.

    i wish i could have been there. bah.

    and sorry about that stupid incident. people. i tell ya. theyll go wherever they can to be cheap these days. im like that. i know.

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