Safari Discovery

Two instances of Safari

I discovered something a bit odd today: I have two versions of Safari on my system, both of which work perfectly well. Seems that since I had my applications on my Mac organised differently than default (since I have so many little programs, I like to follow the example Apple set with the “Utilities” directory, and place my apps in subdirectories according to loose categories), when I upgraded to Tiger, the older version of Safari (1.3) wasn’t overwritten in the process. The same thing happened with Apple’s Mail application, which, much to my chagrin, refused to open until I discovered the icon on my dock was pointing at the old program. Whoops. However, unlike Mail, this duplicate of Safari opens and works just fine!

Really, it shouldn’t be too surprising that it works, as 1.3 was released only a very short while before Tiger (and Safari 2.0) came out, and is essentially the same app (minus a few new features). Yet, in light of my frustration with the non-operating instance of Mail (Mail 2.o is quite nice, though… minus the new toolbar buttons), I am sort of surprised that Safari, too, did not crash immediately.

Oh, by the way, I’m enjoying Tiger. Doesn’t strike me as hugely different, but it seems to be working fine. I can’t say the same for Photoshop, which decided to catch the dreaded “Only opens files via the ‘File > Open…’ method” bug. Bastards. Anyone know how to fix that? Figured it out… has to do with the fact I did an Archive & Install, and for some reason, the Scripting Additions directory in the Library doesn’t get copied over. Thank you, Adobe. Now why this requires a Scripting Addition, I have no idea…