Kilby Court

So, I was on the news, albeit briefly, tonight. They did a piece on Kilby Court, one of my favourite places to see bands play, and I just happened to be there the night they were filming. It’s pretty funny to watch and spot your friends and acquaintances. I’m in the following clip for a brief second, and Ashley’s in it for a little bit more (they actually interviewed her, but only ended up using her face… haha). You have to love the way newscasters try to make everything into a big deal.


Here’s part one. Enjoy: Download(Quicktime MOV, 7.7mb)

Hotbed of illegal activity my ass… Kilby is a great, safe, open place for people to get together and enjoy music. Simple as that. I love the place.

Part two coming soon…

Wow… due to my linking to the video files on a forum I frequent, I chewed through over 1GB of bandwidth last night. IE, my entire month’s allotment in less than 12 hours. So I kind of had to cut off access to the videos. I’m trying to find some serious bandwidth hosting (ie, someone who has unlimited bandwidth that I can use for free) before I put them back up.

Okay, here we go: Kilby Court Part One (Quicktime MOV, 7.7mb, hosting via the University of Utah) & Kilby Court Part Two (hosted via and the Internet Archive).


  1. slow? nah… i blame your browser.. 😉

    anyone else have issues with the live preview on the comments? If so, they aren’t entirely necessary, so I might ditch them…

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