I’m still alive

Okay, it’s been a little while since my last update. Sorry about that, but I’ve been running around like a guy who runs around a lot. With the wedding coming up (no, not mine, silly…my brother’s), and my weekend visit to California to meet my nephew for the first time—not to mention all the other crazy minutia in my day to day life—well, things have been a bit hectic over here. I do think I’l have some news worth posting in the next couple of days, but you’ll just have to keep checking your RSS readers for that.

In the mean time, have some brand new live Tolchock Trio: Tolchock Trio – Cool Fast (live)

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  1. I’m kinda scared to listen to tolchock. scared? get it…scared. (get it? get my joke?)


    So awesome. I hope everything goes well.

    And, the test editor is off, I like that.

    (macro pics are coming your way. but, i need specifics, macro of what?? Jelly Beans?)

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