I Am Job.

As of yesterday (Wednesday, 15 June 2005), I officially work full time. I am the new web designer for SeminarCentral. Yay for me, but no more sleeping past noon and working until 4am for me. Wait, maybe that’s a good thing. I’d go into all the gory details of what I’m working on, but I just signed a pretty hefty NDA, so that’s kind of out of the question. I can say that work and my co-workers are pretty damn cool, though. I’m pretty happy so far.

Driving to Draper isn’t so hot, but seeing as I drive in the opposite direction of most of the traffic every morning, maybe it isn’t so bad after all. Plus, there’s a roundabout near the office, and that’s always a good thing. I love my roundabouts.


  1. oh yay you got the job! i was just going to comment to you and ask if you got any news back yet. thats so great! im so happy for you! thats so weird that we both finally found good jobs at the same time…just about. hah! sooo how much they payin you. how many hours a week. etc. benifits? are you just designing and then leaving? or are you staying on the staff to continually update? how does that work? and how long of a drive is it to draper? i have to drive to new jersey for my job. 35 minutes at the least…usually 45 minutes of a drive though. and after that i have to drive back to this place in PA…45 minutes to an hour…for my second job. and then from there to home…its 35 minutes home. so yeah…and its hot so i use AC. so my gas goes out of the tank like woah.

    the things i do to have a job. well…two jobs. i drive all over! yessss.

  2. oh man, poor poor greggy. i imagine intense web design for a real deal company must be so stressing. i have basic html skills. and some company wanted to bring me on as their administrative assistant and mentioned that they needed to redo their website and i could help, because of my experience in my self-taught html tutorials, html web design class in high school, and being a web maintenance person for a faculty member in college.

    i ran for the hills– a, because i dont know enough and they would be disapointed in me when they found that out and b, too much work!! and learning!! aah!

    hang in there. im trying to re-learn ms access (its been three years since the course) to create a database for my company…a database that will probably wind up being too complicated for the basic databases one can produce with access. but somehow, i have to accomplish it. aklsjdfdlks!! so im working really hard…too…not as hard as you. but…yes.

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