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Just a quick note: I was perusing my stats (thanks to shaun inman’s shortstat) today, and I noticed that the high percentage of overall Safari users visiting were using Safari 1.2. Not really all that surprising… 1.2 had a very long life span. What surprised me, however, was that I couldn’t find any reference to Safari 2.0 (the version that ships with Mac OS X.4).

Shortly after, though, I found an entry of “Safari 412”. Wow… jumping into version hyperspace here? We’re only on 2.0. Then it hit me:

safari about box

You see, every version has a corresponding development version number (the terminology used is mine… I haven’t the foggiest what Apple calls it). The current version of Safari is 412. But why on earth is this number being reported to my stats? Is it an issue in ShortStat (I have no idea why that would be)? Or, more likely, is it a bug in Safari?

Anyone? Buehler? Buehler?

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