Old and New

Old Apple

I’ve made a few additions to my home office this week. Perhaps the biggest was the arrival on Tuesday of my new 24″ Dell (DELL??) LCD. It was patiently awaiting me after I returned home from work on Tuesday, in an unassuming brown box (quite different, say, than the ominous black box my G5 arrived in almost 2 years ago). Now, I know I’ve talked some serious smack about Dell in my day, and I would still much rather build a PC myself than even consider paying for one of their bargain basement tin cans… but damn… Dell’s hit a home run here, folks. The monitor looks nice and sleek, the features are wonderful and useful (such as the built in card reader and 4 USB 2.0 ports), and the panel itself is bright and responsive. My friend Tyler said he’s never seen an LCD this size with stats like it has. See what PC Magazine had to say about it. To be completely honest, it blows my Formac 20″ LCD out of the water (and the Formac has been pretty good).

But Greg, you’re saying… you chose an Apple logo to accompany a glowing review of a Dell? I must be seriously losing my mind…

Not quite:

Macintosh SE

Say hello to my little friend

I picked this little nostalgia trip up at a neighbour’s garage sale today for free. Seriously… this thing is museum worthy. It is a first generation Macintosh SE, purchased in 1986 at a trade show, before—according to the old owner, whom I would believe without hesitating—the model was made available to the public.

My first Apple computer was in 1990: the successor to the Mac SE, the Mac Classic, and it really wasn’t all that different. I sold the Classic for $25 bucks in 1996, and immediately regretted it. Yes, it was slow, tiny and way out of date, but it was stable and endearing, and it began my life with Macs. So when I saw this nearly 20 year old doppelganger of my first Mac, sitting in a driveway with a tape label announcing “FREE”… I couldn’t help myself. She’s missing the operating system floppy (yes, you heard me… the OS came on a floppy), so I can’t play around with it (yet), but I can’t help but look at it and smile.

… and yes, I realise I’m a giant nerd.


  1. thanks for the musical suggestions my dear friend. i will check out every single one of them. and i mean that.

    after i figure out a way to get rid of my slow dial up and afford high speed internet access so you can actually send the cds to me via internet.

    and then ill have to afford to buy the cds because i wont be able to afford to get high speed internet.

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