Writing a book.

No, actually I’m not, but I’ve thought about it. Who knows?

Anyway, I found today that I will be travelling to Phoenix, AZ for the majority of the last week of August. I will be attending DevCon, the Filemaker Developers Conference. Now, before you ask the obvious question, no, I’m not a database developer, nor do I know much at all about Filemaker. However, with our private php/filemaker contractor going the way of the steady paycheck, it looks as though my job description will be expanding (again). IJ, our database guru and resident Family Guy expert, had already been slated to attend, and with the need to plug some holes in the organisational structure, I’ll be attending seminars in hopes of beefing up my PHP skills, especially in relationship to Filemaker (our DB of choice at Seminar Central).

Wow. What a run on sentence.

Essentially, it’s a free trip to Phoenix, where I get to expand my skill set. For free. Plus, I’ve never been to Phoenix, despite it being my neighbour to the south (and the fact I have family there), so the trip should at least add another “been there” point to my tally.

Okay, apparently it probably won’t happen now. Part of me is hoping it won’t, because I’ll be moving directly after coming home, which could suck…


Okay, so I was rather cryptic about the fact that I am moving. To be honest, I’m not entirely certain of the details yet. I know where I’ll be living in Sugar House, who my neighbours are, and the loose date of 1 Sept (yes, I realise I’ll be in Phoenix) as a “go ahead, the old tenants have moved out” date. Aside from that, the details are sort of sketchy.

Some niceties:

  1. My cousin is my landlord, and his landscaping business takes care of the yard. Awesome.
  2. My other cousin is my neighbour. Excellent.
  3. Other friends live in the same vicinity.
  4. It’s Sugar House. I love Sugar House. I always have. Great feeling in that place.

I’ll probably have some get together for the friends and whatnot once I feel properly settled. I’ll be sure to give details, kids. The place isn’t huge, but at least people will be able to check it out.


I’ll be announcing a new site shortly. It’s been a lot of work, but our team is really proud of it. Single people in Utah will love us. I hope. If not, I’m coming after you…


  1. Dude, how much does your cousin charge to do weekly landscaping? My yard is hurting BAD and I never make time for it.

  2. I’m excited for you to move. YAY! Greg’s movin’ up in the world.

    Are you going to have a house warming party? That would be fun. I’ll bring the Shasta, and maybe a DVD or two. Homeward bound perhaps?

    I’m kidding, sort of. I still want to get together.

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