I’m in trouble

Apple Store - The Gateway
Salt Lake City finally received its own Apple Store after, gee, only 5-6 years of Apple dotting the planet with them. It may have taken them a while, but man… they did this one right. Prior to the opening today of Apple Store – The Gateway (seriously, that’s its official title, despite how Apple Store AT The Gateway would make more sense to humans…), the closest official Apple Store to SLC was the mini-store in Las Vegas’ Fashion Show Mall. Yes, a mere 8 hour car trip away for a store roughly the size of the Apple Display at CompUSA. Hoo-rah.

I was spoiled, though. My sister used to live about an hour or so from San Diego, home of the Apple Store at Fashion Valley Mall (what is it with using “fashion” in your mall name?), which I must say, is a damn fine example of an Apple Store. Luckily for us SLC Punks, our brand new store is roughly the same size as Fashion Valley’s, and quite a nice place. To be honest, it’s not nice. It’s crack for Mac nerds like me. I wasn’t there longer than 15 minutes when I decided that I required a brand new, black 60 GB iPod. My 30GB Ipod Color, which is less than a year old mind you, no longer seemed adequate. I was helpless and a few minutes later found myself running from the store, having purchased a new iPod and frightened that I might somehow walk out of there with a Quad G5 if I wasn’t careful.

That aside, I must make this disclaimer… if you know me, you know what a Mac Geek I am. However, I take pride in the fact that I was not there at 10am when the doors opened this morning, clamouring for a free t-shirt, etc. You see, I have another obsession that kept me from that “event.” I’d like to say it was sanity, but in fact, I was asleep. Weekends were made for sleeping, and if you try to argue this with me, I will destroy you with lasers from my mind.

I arrived at the store, actually, around 4 or 5pm (my memory is hazy as I will admit that I went sheerly under the Apple Influence… not unlike the compulsion heroin addicts feel), and it was still packed. I couldn’t stand anywhere for longer than 30 seconds without feeling someone trying to peer around me or push me away, as though the iChargeYourCreditCard in front of me was the Jade Monkey, and tomorrow was the next full moon. In all the hubub, though, I did run into Matt and Ann, whom I hadn’t seen in ages. They had the same look of terror and lust on their faces that I felt over the situation at the Apple Store. I mean, really, you can’t help but feel a bit drunk and scared at all the techno-chic dripping from every corner of that place.

Having regained my senses, I walked across the courtyard and dropped 60 bucks at Virgin Megastore in less than 5 minutes.

Remind me to stay away from The Gateway, please…

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  1. i never watched arrested development…im sorry? and the family guy WAS awesome…but lately it’s gotten really raunchy and offensive…i just dont feel the same about it anymore. sad story. wasnt april dansie die hard oc fan? i wonder how she’s taking this season’s plunder. plunder….is that a word that fits even?

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