Hold your horses, guys, this post isn’t about this Doug, as cool as that may have been (maybe later). I’m speaking about Doug Smith, and more specifically his, ahem, Autoplex. You see, after a couple of years with my beloved Mazda6, I decided that sliding in the snow up in Park City wasn’t nearly as fun as I thought it might be. So, I settled on the necessity of my acquiring an all wheel drive mode of transit, namely a Subaru Outback. Firstly, the issue of all wheel drive and safety. Secondly, I really wanted to fit in with all the Subarus and Audis in Park City, but my fiscal situation nixed the idea of an Audi. And perhaps thirdly, my proclivity toward the word Outback, due to the stakehouse… no wait… maybe it’s the whole “living in Australia” thing sneaking in again…
a stock photo of my new Subbie

Regardless, after countless people among my brother’s in-laws recounting tales of bliss, I settled on Doug Smith’s dealership. I am quite happy that I did. Not only were the people great and I got a good deal, but frankly, it was an easy, relaxing experience.

Wait… hold up… RELAXING? At a car dealer?

Yup, Tito, I said relaxing. In stark contrast to my experience with a nameless mazda dealership residing slightly north of SLC, the whole car shopping experience was easy, fun and, yes, relaxing. Not once did I feel pressured or feel as though I was about to be bent over the side of the car and told to take it like a man. Such a new experience. Bravo guys… you’ve restored my faith in humanity.

Now we’ll see how your service department is… seems I screwed up something in my cd changer already…


  1. For a while I wanted a car with four doors.

    Lately I’ve wanted a truck.

    But I really have no need for either, so I will likely just drive my car into the ground untill it is absolutely dead.

  2. Your new car is SO pretty. I want one.

    Lets take it camping?


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