I was reading a very brief article on SpeakUp tonight, and it got me thinking about age. The subject of the piece was young designers and their propensity to head for a computer, for photoshop, and to just crank out the work instead of researching and properly designing (and a jab at the “I know photoshop, so I’m a designer” plague). Now I won’t get into all that, because it’s kind of getting late, and I could be here all night bitching about that subject and having jobs/clients/etc stolen from you by someone’s cousin who has all the software, a rock bottom price, and no eye for design. Hallelujah I’ve decided to skip that arguement.

What I will mention in as brief a fashion as I know how is the realisation that I’m slipping past the threshold of “hot, young designer” at an ever increasing rate. I’m by no means an old man (25 is a little under 2 months away), but it seems like more and more, I’m starting to see kids (yes, kids) popping up online with ever increasing portfolios and brand name recognition. They have vigor and enthusiasm and fully expect to become a psuedo-celebrity in the world of design, while I find myself more worried about hitting a deadline, or pleasing the boss, or for that matter, whether or not I’ll be able to pay both my rent payment and my lease payment this month. Maybe it has more to do with living in the real world while these kids are enjoying their senior year of college. Or perhaps cold, bleak winters in Utah are bringing out the narcissist in me.

I guess I just wish I still had that hope for the future like they still do. I also wish I had all that tuition money now…