I’m an aussie, or I’m cheap

I just partook in a very fair-dinkum aussie meal that I’d forgotten about since moving back from melbourne: Baked Beans on Toast. Hells yes. That was tasty and cost me about 50 cents. Useful, especially since I’m freelancing again.

Oh yeah, I’m in the process of designing three new sites: Jessica White Photography, magneticcandy (initial mockups), and the wildly different redesign of this very site (still formative stages, but I’ll give you a sneak peak into wear my mind is going with this: think Venture Brothers). Potentially taking on a few others (need to do some research first). And my holy bitchcakes… I’d almost forgotten how nice my set-up at home is… wait, no, scratch that… I always knew was a steaming pile of dung my workstation at my former workplace was. Regardless, it’s nice to be basking in the glow of 4.2 million pixels of LCD goodness.