Dearest OmniWeb

==OmniWeb==Oh my dear, beloved “OmniWeb”: … I think it’s time we had a talk. I love spending time with you every day, but since you’ve decided to start only asking 10 bucks for new purchases in November, I feel that I must air a small frustration in our relationship.

Do you recall the time we were visiting a site, and you told me they had an RSS(Really Simple Syndication) feed? Yeah, I know, you do this all the time, and I appreciate it… but as you know, I don’t always listen to you, nor do I want to add everything to my feedreader. That’s okay, we have an understanding on that. However, sometimes I do want to take your advice, and subscribe to the site’s feed. You make it so easy for me, up to a point. I need to separate my feed reading from my browsing. I’ve been doing this behind your back for some time now. It’s not that I don’t appreciate your offer to keep track of all my feeds, it’s just that I have “someone else”: to do that for me. Sometimes I just need some space. So, it’s in the interest of our relationship that I ask you, in your developers’ own time, to please give me the option of using my system’s default RSS reader. I think it would work wonders for our happiness.