I’m glad someone finally said it

Then there’s the bonus reason I want to throw the whole thing into my bit-bucket: the way people are using Twitter right now, it’s rapidly becoming the most inefficient and unusable version of IRC ever. Look, people, if you want to chat, then get a chat room. You know?

Eric Meyer

Seriously… trying to talk to someone via Twitter makes no sense to me. It’s almost like screaming your message to your buddy all day until she happens to be in the same vicinity and finally hears you. Or perhaps, more aptly, it’s as though you wrote “Bobby, have you ever considered Pinot Noir?” in graffiti on the side of a building. We have a lot of better options for chatting. I understand the occasional directed note on Twitter (you think someone who follows your Twitters needs to give you a call or something), but let’s not go bat-shit crazy here…