How I spent my friday


It seems that EyeTV 2.4’s QuickTime component for MPEG can lead to a chain of events that makes password authentication for OS X impossible. That can affect login, the Keychain, or anytime that OS X asks for your name and password. You may see a crash involving the LoginWindow or SecurityAgent.
Elgato’s Support FAQ


All I’m going to say is it would have been nice knowing this prior to spending 16 hours going out of my head and eventually doing an “Archive and Install” on my Power Mac just to be able to log in. One. Damned. Quicktime. Component.

On the plus side, my work computer sure feels Snappier(tm) now. And to think, there was a time on Friday when I was seriously considering putting myself another 3 grand in debt and just buying a new Mac Pro…


  1. They do these things on purpose you know 😉 they WANT you to buy that new Mac Pro 🙂

  2. It’s a conspiracy! Elgato and Apple are conspiring to drain currency from my wallet at an unspeakable pace!

    (I want me to buy that new Mac Pro too… I’m closing in on the 4 year anniversary of my Power Mac purchase)

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