==I Took the 07 ALA Web Design Survey==

I just took the “2007 A List Apart Web Design Survey.”: If you are involved in making the web, you should too. Surveys like this help us designers and developers get a grasp of where our industry currently stands, and what the average web worker is doing and making. We’re certainly an outspoken industry, but in topics like this we tend to clam up and speak in vagaries around each other, and it’s hard to gauge where the industry stands. So take 2 minutes and zip through the survey. You could even win some real fabo prizes.

Be sure to share with me if you win, because I am the self-proclaimed All Contest Loser. I haven’t won any sort of contest, with prizes, since I won a free Mars bar in a grocery store in “Bendigo”:, Victoria way back in 2001. I’m entirely serious. Not even one of those free iTunes downloads that you had a one in three chance of getting a few years back.


  1. Well crap, I didn’t know you served out in Bendigo. Were you in the Long Gully flat? Who was bishop when you were there?

  2. I took it, but didn’t win anything.

    That survey doesn’t work for someone like me.

    Oh well.

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