Dear Subaru Outback XT

This is your driver, Greg. You know, the guy who likes to rev-up your turbo and who sorely needs to get you serviced. I know, I know, I should treat you better. You are a great car; pricey, yes, but a wonderful drive. I do have a request, my dear blue wagon:

Please cool it with the seatbelt warnings

I understand you are a safe car. That’s one of the main reasons I leased you. I feel a measure safer behind your wheel, and I thank you for that. Seriously, though, could you tone down the seltbelt chiming a bit? Should you chime when I first start the car, and also chime if I’m in gear and not wearing my belt? Of course. Should you chime non-stop after I start the car, regardless of whether I’m in gear, the e-brake is off, or I’m even in the car? I think most people would agree that incessantly chiming in those situations is highly annoying. I do appreciate your cessation for a few moments every now and then, but really, you know I buckle up. You know I am insistent that all my passengers wear a safety-belt. So please… calm down.