A Marketer’s Dream

GB: “Hey, Andrew…”

My nephew, Andrew, age two: “Hiiiiiii-y, Greegk.”

GB: “Andrew, where where you this weekend?”

A: “Old Navy.” Cheeky grin

Nathan, Andrew’s father: “Andrew, where do your grandparents live?”

A: “Old Navy.” Giggles

N: “And where is your daddy from?”

A: “Old Navy.”

N: “Okay… where does Old Navy come from?”

A: Thinks for a second… “Flowers.”

GB: “Then where do flowers come from?”

A: Giving me a look of “Duh, Uncle Greg”… “Old Navy.”

p(note). It’s worth noting that one of Andrew’s first few words was Costco, though it may be helpful to know that his father was working there part time at the time.